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Storage Tips

May 12, 2016

Maximizing Your Self-Storage Space

It doesn’t take much time at all to accumulate a lot of property.It’s important to stay organized when using a self-storage space.Your first step is to select a storage facility that has units which meet your budget.Storage unit rental costs are dependent on the size of the unit – which will be determined by the space you require for your belongings.In order to adequately plan how much space you need, and how you should distribute your belongings in that space, make a full list of everything you plan to store. Plan to leave seasonal or other items you will access frequently near the front of the unit, and to have heavy items on the bottom.Check into the company before leasing a storage unit; red flags include problems like break-ins, flooding, or other situations that could endanger your property.The facility should have perimeter fencing with a keypad entry, security cameras, and adequate lighting.Delicate items like irreplaceable photographs should only be stored in temperature-controlled units, so keep this in mind when choosing your storage facility. Take special precaution when storing photos; these should have a sheet of archival quality paper placed between each one, and then be stacked tightly together.Before storing any valuable or irreplaceable documents, be sure to make extra copies.When storing electronic files or materials, it’s important to protect everything with a secure password.The next step, after establishing how much space you need, is to figure out what storage materials you require. First, you will want to get some industrial […]
April 28, 2016

Benefits Of Using Smaller Storage Facilities

In the North San Diego County area there are many individuals that live in apartment like style homes and won’t have a lot of storage for extra vehicles. There are actual Oceanside storage units available to rent out for cars and other types of vehicles. The rates are going to vary depending on the size of the unit that the individual will need. Since one can store a vehicle in a storage unit, they don’t have to worry about finding it a place to be parked on the street or getting towed when parking isn’t available. They don’t have to get rid of their extra car either. By having the car stored, they will be able to get access to it when they need it as long as the storage unit business is open. Generally there will be a gate that will be accessible to the individual renting the unit. They will be able to get through the gate during the allotted times. They will be able to create their own pass code to get the gate to open and close. Each one may have competitive pricing or offer different specials. It is wise to call around to see what ones have the best deals for the size of the unit that is needed. If unsure of the size of unit needed, the individual will just need to tell the business’s representative what they have and need storage for. The representatives are trained to be able to help determine the amount of storage […]